Blepharitis, also known as inflammation of the eyelids, is a highly common eye disorder which can develop at all ages. A burning or stinging sensation in the eye, itching, crusty eyelashes and redness in the eye are common symptoms. Bacterial proliferation in the eyes and oily or crusty skin can cause blepharitis. Based the type, blepharitis may affect the outer margin of the eyelids, the eyelash base or eyelids.

What are the measures to prevent the development or recurrence of blepharitis?

One should avoid contacting the eyes with contaminated hands. Contaminated hands harbor many microorganisms that can cause inflammatory conditions such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis.
Another measure is to maintain proper hygiene habits when using contact lenses. Contact lenses should be meticulously cleansed with clean hands before used.
Additionally, unnecessary makeup should be removed before sleeping in order to decrease the risk of blepharitis.

How is blepharitis treated?

Blepharitis is easy to treat but can recur. Ointments and eye drops recommended by a clinician are crucial to relieve the symptoms and prevent further complications. Eye drops may be recommended by a clinician if dry eye syndrome is also present.


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