Our Vision

Medications have different functions in human life that range from improving quality of life to ensuring survival. They are of critical importance in communities, and their availability is crucial. Therefore, social responsibility is a foundational concept that must underlie all operations in a pharmaceutical company.

Over and above the accountability and the obligations that the medical sector requires of its stakeholders, Liba works in accordance with international standards and following global innovations. It is of utmost importance to us to preserve the core of ethical values we are founded on, especially in a competitive environment such as today’s.

In the more recent years, there have been advances in Turkey regarding Intellectual Property Rights, and issues such as patents, data protection, and data exclusivity.

The necessity to critically reconstruct the field has arisen, and changes have been implemented.

At Liba Laboratories Inc. we have served Public Health since 1945, and continued our activities within the Turkish Medicine Industry seamlessly. We have engineered innovations in the field continuously, constantly conforming to legal regulations and ethical principles. Through international relationships we have increased the availability of a broader spectrum of products.

One of our most important goals for the future remains continuing to fulfill our social commitments to the utmost degree. This, we want to achieve as a unit, working together efficiently and effectively.


Murat Sait BARLAS
Board Chairman