Hyaluronic Acid Fillers


Hyaluronic acid, the primary constituent of skin, is located within connective tissues and ensures a sparkling, brilliant, tight, clear and moist appearance of our skin. Skin ages over the years as the amount of hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in the skin decreases with aging. As a result, aging symptoms such as fine lines, wrinkles and facial folds may become apparent. Subcutaneous fat tissue decreases and moves downward over time. Therefore skin loses its fullness, resulting in sagging. Bone structure shrinks and becomes weaker. This results in more flat areas over the face, causing an appearance of sagging. Hyaluronic acid fillers are one of the most effective methods used to remove the natural traces of facial change occurring over time and provides a more dynamic and younger facial appearance. Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to fill lines and wrinkles, replace loss of volume, which is one of the major effects of aging, re-build facial tissues and remodel lineament.

Why are hyaluronic acid fillers so popular?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body and is safe. Hyaluronic acid filling is a minimally invasive procedure which can be applied in a short time providing successful results and allows immediate return to social life. Hyaluronic acid filling should be performed by experienced specialists.

Natural look with hyaluronic acid filling

Our unique characteristics distinguishing us from other people make us beautiful. No single face resembles another. Natural looking outcomes can be achieved with individualized treatment plans and everybody can reach his or her best version by preserving their individuality.

Lip Contour

Hyaluronic acid fillers are used in both achieving a fuller appearance to thin lips and recovering previous volume in lips that have thinned over time. In addition, hyaluronic acid-based fillers give intense moisture to lips, providing a smooth appearance.

Antero-Medial Malar Augmentation

Under eye grooves are a primary problem causing a tired and aged expression of the eyes. These grooves can either be inherent or occur due to the downward motion of chin tissue through advancing age. Grooving under the eyes causes a shadowed and deeper appearance by the effects of light reflection. A brighter and younger gaze is achieved by resolving a hollow under eye.

Cheek Augmentation

The general understanding of beauty considers full cheeks a symbol of youth and attractiveness. A weak and sunken chin gives the face an older and tired appearance. Hyaluronic acid fillers can replace the inherent or aging-related loss of volume in the cheeks. By making the cheek bones more prominent, it achieves a more attractive face viewed from both the front and the side.

Nasolabial Lines

These are lines extending from the perinasal region to the lips. They become deeper with aging and can cause folds in the skin. Nasolabial lines, which can appear as tired or unhappy, can be reduced by hyaluronic acid filling in a natural manner.

Supralabial Lines

These are perpendicular lines on the upper side of the lips. Age, sunlight exposure and facial expressions can cause line formation in this area. Hyaluronic acid filler are used to remove these lines.

Marionette Lines

These are wrinkles that extend from the two edges of the lips along the jaw. These deformations, which can cause the face to look sad, can be corrected by hyaluronic acid filling.

Jaw Line Filling

The jaw is one of the most important elements that determine facial shape. An inverted triangle-shaped face, considered as symbol of youth and attractiveness, can be achieved by a sharp, triangular jaw and a prominent jaw line.

The changes in fat and bone tissues through aging can cause the disappearance of a youthful image, and the loss of prominence in the jaw line and sagging in this area leads to a square-like facial shape.

Among the younger population, an unclear jaw line caused by retrognathia or weak bony structure leads to an incompatible look between the jaw-nose-lip and from the side.

Hyaluronic acid fillers provide solutions to form a contour for the jaw, correct retrognathia, relieve sagging in the jaw, form a sharp jaw line and achieve compatibility among the upper, mid and lower face.

Nose Augmentation

The nose, located at the center of the face, is the focus of attention. Hyaluronic acid fillers, also known as a non-surgical nasal aesthetic procedure, can elevate the nose tip within 10 minutes, change an aquiline nose with a prominent bridge, and correct asymmetries.

Temple Augmentation

The temples, on the sides of our eyes between the eyebrow and the hair line, can collapse over time. The loss of fat tissue over time pushes the face downwards, including the forehead and the eyebrows. Hyaluronic acid fillers produces optimal volume for the temples, creating a lively face.


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